Measures against Covid-19

In order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, Aquastructures AS has implemented several measures. All employees will at all times follow the routines and guidelines established by public authorities. In addition, we have introduced our own guidelines on the basis of risk assessments and customer feedback.

Implemented measures to prevent spread of infection
⦁ All travel activities are suspended for the time being
⦁ Employees who have the opportunity, are assigned to home office
⦁ Participation in events such as fairs, conferences and meetings are cancelled
⦁ Visitors into our offices will be rejected
⦁ Avoid physical contact with other persons and keep at least 1-meter distance

In order to fulfil obligations to our customers, the following measures have been implemented:

Product Certification Approval, Installation of mooring (NS9415:2009) and Revision Report (NS9416:2013)
⦁ No visits and physical inspections will be carried out as a result of the above mentioned measures.
⦁ Periodic follow-ups and auditing of quality management systems will be carried out as a remote audit. This means that auditing will take place via Skype or Teams.
⦁ For inspection of productions and products this will be taken care of through video transmission or images. Customers facilitates this. Guidance for implementation is prepared and adapted to the individual company.
⦁ Ordinary inspection in connection with certification will be carried out later, as soon as the situation permits this.