Local analysis


FEM-analysis provides an accurate view of stresses around structural connections, hubs, hinges etc. Appropriate design of local details is crucial to prevent failures based on high stresses or fatigue. Aquastructures has extensive experience with FEM analysis of both plastic- and steel components.

Plastic components


In the aquaculture industry there is a wide use of plastic components in flexible collars. Brackets made of plastic, connects the floating tubes to the handrail, as well as to the net, sinker tube and mooring. The strength of the plastic brackets is therefore crucial in order to keep the collars integrity in exposed locations and during operations.

Steel components

Aquastructures provides FEM-analysis on several types of steel components such as hubs, mooring connections and hinged constructions, to detect weaknesses in the structure. Details in constructions, that are exposed to waves, can be subject to fatigue problems. Fatigue calculations can also be performed with input from global analyses.


Aquastructures carries out local analysis to detemine the stress distritribution in detail. This is carried out both for steel and PE components. This is of importance both for fatigue and local overload checks.


Polyethylene structural parts


Aquastructures carries out local analysis to polytehylene components, such as the connection bracket keeping several floating collars together at a specified distance.


Steel parts


Steel joints, mooring connectors and hinges are details where local analysis is carried out on a regular basis.


Hull girders

Hull girders may be exposed to high loads such as slamming loads. A local analysis will determine the internal forces from the loads.