About Aquastructures

– Safety through technology

Norway’s leading service provider to the aquaculture industry

Aquastructures AS was established in 2002 by three newly graduated PhD students from NTH in Trondheim. They had a vision of using their competence out towards the aquaculture industry. Combined with their computer knowledge, they made the software tool AquaSim a cutting-edge analysis tool for flexible constructions. 


An accredited company

Short time after the establishment of Aquastructures, the company was accredited by the Directorate of Fisheries’ certification body. The latter was later demerged into a separate company, that we today know as Norwegian Accreditation. Aquastructures quickly gained recognition in the industry and reinforced the workforce with more staff as the customer base grew. Today the company consists of engineers, inspectors and programmers. All working goal-oriented and actively towards the vision: Safety through technology.

Through the Norwegian standard NS9415 it is ensured that all required safety measurements are met. Today Aquastructures AS possess considerable knowledge within the NYTEK23-regulations, marine technology, aquaculture and certification.


Welcome to Lillebryggen

Aquastructures AS has offices spread across the Norwegian coast. The main office is located in Trondheim in one of the most proudly pier-house in the city. Aquastructures AS’ estate firm Lillebryggen AS, seeks to take care of the history of Trondheim city. We are happy to welcome our clients and collaborators.

We do analysis and certification for companies outside Norway, such as:

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