Aquastructures is recognized and acknowledged as an innovative and leading engineering house, establishing long term client relations, finding viable and sustainable technical solutions for structural engineering problems within:

o   Aquaculture
We have knowledge about the standards and regulations:
  Norwegian Standard for Marine Fish Farms NS9415
A Technical Standard for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture 
NYTEK Regulation
     Icelandic Regulation
o   Renewable energy
o   Deep water technology
o   Offshore towing
o   Marine operations
o   Innovation projects

Blending naval architecture, construction technology, dynamic analysis and software development, Aquastructures has established a solid foundation for an active approach towards a sustainable engineering development for the future.

We can assist you on engineering:

Ole Kristian Flønes

Ole Kristian Flønes

Head of Engineering and Product certification department

Phone: +47 41 21 18 82

Ole Christen Wroldsen

Ole Christen Wroldsen

Senior engineer

Market AquaSim/
Alternative Markets
Phone: +47 99 26 16 85

Do not hesitate to contact us:

Aquastructures AS
Phone: +47 73 83 17 47
Adr: Kjøpmannsgata 21, 7013 Trondheim