Net analysis


AquaSim is specially designed for analysis of nets, where current and waves may result in large deformations. Deformation of nets is very important in terms of the distribution of the loads in the net structure, and adjacent components. Aquastructures performs calculations on conventional nets of different materials and geometries, and on impermeable nets and closed structures.

Standard nets


There are different types of net in use in the aquaculture industry today. The most common types are the circular and the squared nets, but also other shapes are used. AquaSim is designed to analyse and calculate the forces and the deformations on all types of nets, either the net has a vertical wall and a conical bottom, conical from top to bottom, or the “spaghetti” design. We also perform calculations on nets with alternative materials, such as plastic and cobber.

Tarpauline and lice skirt


The use of lice skirt and tarpaulin for delousing, or prevent lice from spreading, are emerging in the aquaculture industry. This could be flexible structures where the fluid prohibited to flow though. The newly developed load model in AquaSim takes into account this water flow, and the inner and outer pressure around the structure. The complex effects around such impermeable nets will contribute to new loads, either the impermeable nets are connected to steel structures, or to structures made of plastic..

Aquastructures has, in close cooperation with, Kråkøy Slakteri AS, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture AS, Botngaard AS, Storvik Aqua AS and Xylem Water Solution Norway contributed to the project “Lukket ventemerd” on the site Kråkøy Slakteri. Here, we have performed the mooring analysis and the global analysis, and issued certificates. More of this project can be found here.

Closed structures, stiff or flexible


Closed structures in plastic, concrete or fiberglass are also evolving. The purpose of floating closed fish cage systems is to preserve the environment around the sites, control the quality of the water inside, and outside the closed cage and to prevent lice from spreading to other aquaculture facilities. The newly developed load model in AquaSim is also used to account for the water flow around such structures, either the structure is stiff or flexible. Examples of such cage constructions are the facilities to AkvaFarm Equipment, and the fiberglass construction from AgriMarine in Canada.