About Us


In 2002, two Ph.d’s from NTNU in Trondheim started the company Aquastructures AS.

They had an idea to use their expertise in marine technology out in the  offshore/marine industry. Combined with their computer skills, they started working on ​​the software AquaSim, who calculates dynamic forces on coupled systems such as fish farms etc.

After researching the market, they found the business idea ‘viable’, and established on the 2nd of May 2002, the company Aquastructures AS. After a short time the company was also accredited by the Directorate of Fisheries’ certification body. (This body was later demerged into a separate company, that we know today as ‘Norwegian Accreditation’). See our accreditations on their website www.akkreditert.no.

Aquastructures AS quickly gained recognition in the industry and reinforced the workforce with more staff as the customer base grew. Today, PhD. Are Johan Berstad is the general manager of 15 employees, performing engineering services to our different markets such as fish farming industry, oil and gas, marinas and renewable energy.

Aquastructures AS consists of engineers and inspectors who are working hard and actively towards our vision: Safety through technology. Safety is the main objective of the work we perform.

We are also working closely with our competitors in the industry to improve methods and processes, so that all companies should be able to relate equally to the authorities and their regulations. Aquastructures AS occupies a considerable expertise in regulations/standards, aquaculture and certification.
Today Aquastructures AS has offices in Oslo, Bergen and Rorvik, in addition to the head office in Trondheim.