All Norwegian aquaculture installations have to satisfy the NYTEK regulation. This regulation sets the requirements and technical specifications that all aquaculture installations must meet. The detailed technical specifications are given in the Norwegian Standard NS 9415. Aquastructures AS is Norway’s leading certification companies for the aquaculture industry.

Certification of aquaculture facilities

An aquaculture facility certificate ensures the owner and employees of the facility, that the facility meets all requirement stated by NS 9415. Before the certificate is issued, Aquastructures reviews the technical state of the farm as well as the relevant technical documentation.

Certification of main components

Main components for use in the aquaculture industry, i.e. floating collar, feed barges, nets, mooring lines etc., are required to have a product certificate. Older components, without a product certificate, can still be used in aquaculture by the issue of a component certificate. This certificate confirms that the component satisfies the minimum requirements of NS 9415.