Aquastructures offers the best of expertise in marine technology, Certification, AquaSim and FE analysis



Aquastructures is the owner, the developer and the distributer of AquaSim software, a Finite Element (FE) software for mooring analysis, net structure analysis and global marine system analysis. AquaSim is a powerful tool for the versatile structural analysis required in the fish farm industry, in the oil and gas industry, towing and marine operations.

Engineering services

Aquastructures is recognized and acknowledged as an innovative and leading engineering house, establishing long term client relations, finding viable and sustainable technical solutions for structural engineering problems in aquaculture, renewable energy, deep water technology, offshore, towing and marine operations.

Blending naval architecture, construction technology, dynamic analysis and software development, Aquastructures has established a solid foundation for an active approach towards a sustainable engineering development for the future.

Certification NS 9415 and NYTEK

Aquastructures offers all the relevant certificates and related services.